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Before invest you hard earning money in any insurance plan we would like to update you with some basic information regarding India’s one of the best LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY (LIC of India) which is run by the government body. For detail information please read out bellow information.

LIC Profile 2016 – 2017

No. of Division Offices – 113.
Branches- 2048.
SOs- 1401.
Mini Offices – 1240
Employees- 114773 Agents- 10,61,560.

Business – In Force Policies – 29.02 Corers.
Sum Assured – 38,32,912.04 Corers.

Group Policies – 12.09 Corers.
Sum Assured – 10,30,916.42 Corers.
Total Income – Rs. 4,24,186.68 Corers.
Total Premium – Rs.2.66,225.38 Corers.
Payment to Policy Holders – Rs. 1.43,445.17 Corers.
Total Life Fund – Rs. 20.57,625.38 Corers.
Total Assets – Rs. 22,10,378.65 Corers.

NUMBER of Claims SETTLED – Rs. 215.71 Lakh.
Total Amount of Claims Paid including Micro & P&GS – Rs. 1,01,041.65 Corers.

Percentage of MATURITY Claims SETTLED 99.75%.
Percentage of Death Claims SETTLED 99.55%.

At present More than 2500 SENIOR BUSINESS ASSOCIATES and 500 ASPIRING SBA’s are enabled to Collect Premium.
At present there are 33000 Authorized Premium Points to Collect Premium across the Country.
Total Funds Invested for the Benefit of the community at large are Rs. 21,09,253 Corers as at 31.3.16.

Investment in Social Sector Rs. 14,85,901 Corers.
BREAK UP – Central Government Securities Rs. 7,21,000 Corers.
State Government and GOVT Rs. 5,21,632 Corers.

Housing Rs. 70,302 Corers.
Power Rs. 1,20,558 Corers.

Irrigation/Water & Sewerage Rs. 2319 Corers. Road, Port & Bridges, Railway Rs. 13,244 Corers.

Others (INCLUDING Telecom) – Rs. 36,846 Corers.
During 12TH PLAN From 2012-17 INVESTMENT – Rs. 10,86,720 Corers.

Under Golden Jubilee Foundation – Amount Disbursed for Projects & Scholarships – Rs 77.19 Corers.
LIC of India

Proud to be associated with LIC of India.

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Step by Step guide how to use online services.

LIC of INDIA Online Services

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Step 2click on E-services / LIC online payment.

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Step 3New user registration

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Step 4LIC Login page link

LIC of India Online Services page

Step 5User login page, LOGIN with USERNAME and PASSWORD

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Step 6 Forgot password

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Types of life insurance policy available

  1. Short and long Term Insurance plans
  2. Endowment Insurance plan
  3. Whole life insurance plan
  4. Pension Plan
  5. Ulip linked Plans